Our Story

Our Story
Our Family Story

From the Atrium to Florists of America

Fifty eight years ago, Ann and Patrick Syracuse decided to turn the lower floors of their home into a specialty florist shop, that pioneered in
custom designs and contemporary techniques. Their goal was to be one of the best quality Buffalo florist, and with hard work and excellent service, they established a name for themselves in the community that is still recognized today as one of the leading florists in the industry.

Today, the Atrium now goes by the name Florists of America, a national brand that is still locally owned and operated by the Syracuse family. We still uphold the standards that Ann and Pat started this business with; excellent quality and the nicest service in town.

What We Offer Buffalo

Florists of America not only brings unique and quality floral arrangements to the Buffalo community, we also show you how to do what we do by offering floral design classes and demos to the area.

Join us on October 6th, 2016 when we give a floral design demonstration for the Buffalo Garden Club! At the demonstration you will learn the names and how to care and handle each flower. You will learn how to design basic vase and basket arrangements .We will also feature tropical exotic flowers and how to use them in design as we are one of the only florists in Buffalo that imports these unique flowers right from Hawaii!