All of our products are made with the finest quality materials available. Every product should be exact or similar to the photographs shown in our online store, however some replacements may need to be made with similar colors and value depending on seasonal availability of flowers, colors, and containers.


Many different varieties of flowers last longer than others. Protect your flowers from direct heat, cold or sunlight. your fresh flowers must be properly cared for in order for them to last. Flowers must be watered daily. Dehydration from lack of water is common and is unfortunately irreversible. Keep your flower's water level to the top of your container at all times. 

We strive to properly select and condition the flowers you may give or receive from our shop to ensure a longer life. We hand pick and care for them to assure maximum quality of our product.  

Please feel free to call us for more fresh flower care information, comments or suggestions. We hope that you enjoy your shopping experience. 


Thank you from all of us at Florists of America, Inc.